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Sail the world on the Columbia 57 "Angelique"

Berths are available on a share the experience basis.

This is not a charter, (nor is it priced like one) all persons aboard will be expected to participate in all the tasks needed to run the boat during their stay.  Sail handling, watch standing, cooking, cleaning, HAVING FUN etc. 

2004 -
November 3-14
        Florida - Bahamas - Turks & Caicos - Virgin Islands
November 14-December 14
        Virgin Islands - US and British
December  15 - 30
       Virgin Islands - Panama (San Blas Islands)
2005 -
January / February
       Panama - Costa Rica - Hawaii

Cheap! Only 700/week per person for short stays (two weeks or less). Sail with me for a month and it's only $2K. Go the whole way 3-4 months and it will be even less (we will negotiate that one in person). This is less than half of most charters, less than a bareboat charter and includes all the food!
You get a big comfortable blue water boat, and a licensed Captain at no extra cost to you!

I am a toy junkie so plenty stuff on board for fun!

My background:
Well I was born way back in 1958 so I am no spring chicken, but have a long ways to go before I need a walker. Started sailing at the age of eight with my first boat an 8' El Torro…. since then I have always had at least one boat. Angelique is my 9th.
Like everyone I went to school and (not like everyone) finally graduated with a degree in business management. Did the corporate thing for a while but couldn't take it so I started my own boat repair business in Northern California, that stopped being fun when I got to having people working for me. So I moved to Hawaii and started over; at long last in '98 ... I got a clue and headed down to the South Pacific in my Ericson 32 for a couple years. The money ran out, so I headed back to Hawaii. When I got there I didn't want to grind any more fiberglass so I started to use my Captains license. I drove a 120' power boat for 1.5 years, then tiring of that job quit and went to work driving a Conser 47 Catamaran "Paragon" …….. the fastest sailing cat in Hawaii. FUN!!
Then I bought "Angelique".
Now…………... well here I am!