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Down wind sailing at it's best! August 1 -15 2020

 Tired of being cooped up for the past several months?

Me too...

want to get some good ocean sailing in this summer?...

Lets go somewhere!

How about a couple weeks on the ocean sailing downwind to Hawaii.

This  is a long 2200 mile ocean passage, but one of the easiest and most fun  as it is almost all downwind! AND it will get warmer every day, starting  out in your foul weather gear we will arrive in shorts on the island of  Maui.
Plan on a few extra days if you can and we will go do a bit of  snorkeling or perhaps sail down to Oahu or Kauai... this trip will  officially end on the 15th, (unless we haven't arrived) time after that  will depend on other other events that the boat may be doing...
this  trip will be only $3500 per person which includes everything except your  transportation to and from the boat. You will need some kind of foul  weather gear or good rain gear as well.