I hate to say that due to the shutdown of many ports in the South Pacific we have to also cancel this trip. 

Race week in Fiji is not yet cancelled, you can tentatively sign up for that adventure.   Also check back for our soon to be scheduled Hawaii trip for August of 2020

Probably the best cruising on Earth

Additional Information

We will day sail through French Polynesia for about a week before  blasting off on a 550 mile ocean sail to Rarotonga the capital of the  cooks islands. On this trip we will have time to snorkel and explore as  well as enjoy some really good tropical Sailing. There is only going to be room for 4 people to join this trip so make your plans early! The  cost for this will be $4950.00 and will include all food, drinks and  onboard expenses. It will not include transport to and from the boat,  any meals or shopping onshore. We will have snorkel masks and fins  onboard for you as well as all the safety gear you will need, you may  want to bring a good rain suit or better a set of foul weather gear. On  this trip you will have the opportunity to gain not only passage-making  skills but you'll have practice anchoring, and reef navigation. 

South Pacific, the best cruising place in the world with licenses Captain Andy Kurtz.